The familiar lyrics "You better not pout, you better not cry" seem downright tame compared to what Lacuna Coil are serving up for their holiday song. The band digs into the dark side of the Christmas holiday with their new song "Naughty Christmas." The lyric video for the song can be seen above.

While many Christmas songs are jovial, Lacuna Coil put the fright into all those kids on Santa's naughty list by introducing the idea of Krampus into the equation. The song starts off with a brutally heavy bass line, really setting the tone for what's to come, and Andrea Ferro's screamy vocals don't make things any more comforting for the kiddies.

As for the song itself, Ferro's in-your-face delivery is offset with Cristina Scabbia's more melodic side, but the track tells the story of a frightened kid who knows they've been naughty and being fairly uncertain if the noises they hear are Santa with gifts or Krampus coming to drag them away. If you want to pick up the track, you can do so via Amazon or iTunes.

Lacuna Coil have been toiling on the dark side for a good portion of the year, issuing their Delirium album and delivering a truly chilling video for the title track earlier this year. The band is taking a bit of a break from the road, but will be back in April to kick off a European trek. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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