Lacuna Coil are set to drop their eighth studio effort, Delirium, on May 27 through Century Media. With the title track and "House of Shame" already serving as sterling indicators of the band's punishingly heavy direction, the new song "Ghost in the Mist" cements this notion.

The Italian gothic metal outfit aren't getting soft with age as "Ghost in the Mist" straddles the line between the familiar sinister atmosphere and crushing rhythms that work in symbiotic nature to bring out the best in each facet. The song opens with a simplistic guitar melody, buried in the background and serving as a textural element. Co-lead vocalist Andrea Ferro's harsh growls come in quickly, reprieved by Cristina Scabbia's soothing clean voice in the chorus.

Speaking about the album on the whole, Scabbia stated, "Everything feels different this time in the Lacuna Coil camp. It's something I can hear it and something I can breath. A new wave of confidence, a renewed essence and pure drops of energy sweating out of our pores. I can't wait to show it to all my friends and welcome you all once again in our family. Trust me, this is a Delirium you will feel the NEED to be part of."

Echoing these sentiments, Ferro added, "Delirium is not the beginning of a new chapter in Lacuna Coil's life; it is the beginning of a new book! We're really excited about starting this touring cycle with such a fresh vibe, meeting old and new friends around the U.S. and get such great touring companions. We're just writing the first page of this book and it is already a crazy one."

Lacuna Coil will kick off their North American tour today (May 7) and will be rounded out by Butcher Babies, 9Electric and Painted Wives. Butcher Babies will be dropping off the trek on May 28 where Stitched Up Heart will take over as direct support. A list of all tour stops can be found here.

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