Well, actually, it's a bit more like Magic Forest is expanding with several new attractions the first of which will be pretty prehistoric.

Lake George's Magic Forest will soon soon be under new ownership and the new owners have announced that the amusement park will open in 2019 as Lake George Expedition Park.

I know a lot of folks in the Capital Region that were worried when the park went up for sale about what was to become of it. Especially when a few of the parks iconic statues went up for sale. If you were one of those people you can put your mind at ease because according to the TU the plan is to "update the park while maintaining the nostalgia that's made Magic Forest a staple of the region for decades"

Dino Roar Valley will be the first of a few new additions to the park that will be a "walk-through attraction" featuring animatronic dinosaurs and according to CBS 6 will send visitors to a "prehistoric time" where they can dig for fossil, climb into a dinosaur nest, and enjoy other prehistoric activities.

Precise details are a little vague at this point but the goal is for the park to open by Memorial weekend and operate daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and on weekends until Columbus Day.