Getting sued can’t possibly be fun, but it’s got to be worse when someone close to you is doing the suing.

Lars Ulrich is getting sued by his former personal assistant Steven Wiig for years of unpaid overtime putting in 70-80 hours a week for the Metallica drummer from 2001-2009.

If you’ve ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm they show you how scary it can be when someone who knows all your secrets is upset with you. I’m wondering what kind of dirt Steven Wiig will be throwing out there. Maybe Lars will be exposed for some nasty stuff, or maybe his former assistant is just a low-life who’s looking for free money. There are a lot of those types out there.

I don’t have the same distaste for Lars as I did back when the whole Napster thing was going on as I think both he, and I have let go of that. Deep down I think a little part of me is giggling inside though. The case is supposed to go in front of a judge this June. Read

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