Metallica may take an eternity to write a new album, but at least they spend a long time on the road, reaching their fans all over the globe. Their 'WorldWired' tour has been going on since 2016 and according to Lars Ulrich, it may last until 2020.

"We have the luxury, and we are very fortunate, to be able to set a touring schedule that works really well for us," the drummer told Mercury News in a recent interview. He explained that the band has a "two-week rule," meaning that's the maximum amount of time they'll spend on the road before returning home for family time. "So, for about a decade, we’ve had a really good setup in terms of how we balance all of it."

He admitted it takes Metallica longer to play a stretch of dates, but asserted that the performances benefit from this regimen as it puts the members in a better situation, both physically and mentally.

"We still have to go to Australia. We still have to go to Japan. We have a couple of other things planned after Europe," Ulrich said, before divulging, "This [tour] may just dip into the beginning of 2020."

Metallica have more North American dates scheduled between late November and March of next year. They'll then head back to Europe with support coming from Ghost.

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