A sport that is a part of the physical education program for many schools is in danger of disappearing due to a lawmakers proposal.

I was far from a jock in high school, then again archery is hardly a sport you really need to be a jock for. However, I was mildly interested in archery just due to the fact all of my cousins and uncles would go hunting with my grandfather. I was the one grandchild who didn't. In fairness I was too loud and in gym class at Lansingburgh High School, I realized I sucked at archery.

New York State lawmaker Linda Rosenthal from Manhattan is looking to see archery removed from schools saying it promotes gun culture. I can see that point but sort of disagree with it. Removing the sport doesn't fix the mental issues a teen may have. Sure maybe it gets them far away from weapons, but the weapon in this issue. Is not the issue, it's the mental health.

What are your thoughts here?

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