It's a whole different kind of outdoorsy experience!

Okay maybe not a whole different experience but it definitely throws a couple of different outdoor winter activities together!

You know, normally in the winter if you want to trek through the woods it usually involves poles and snow shoes. Well, if you would prefer to take in the view on a pair of ice skates you might want to travel to Ontario, Canada where you can stop and visit the Arrowhead Provincial Park. The park offers about a mile long trail for you to skate on all while taking in the view of the forest. You can even skate through the night for what they call the "Fire and Ice" run, where the trail is lit by tiki torches. The folks at Arrowhead are not joking around either the parks blog says the trail has their very own Zamboni to keep the trail "groomed to glassy perfection". The trail is only open until the last Saturday in February so if you are trying to plan a trip this winter you better do it soon!

Also, check out the video below and tell me that doesn't look awesome?!?!