Last nights musical guest on Saturday Night Live was Linkin Park and they blew me away with their performance.

So tuned into last nights Saturday Night Live because I saw that Dana Carvey was going to be the host.  I also saw Linkin Park would be the musical guest, but didn't know what to expect from them. What I got was two damn good songs performed great.

The first song they did is their latest single, "Waiting for the End" which was already one of my favorites off the A Thousand Suns album.  It was nice to see the crowd all fired up for a little LP.  The new Linkin Park stuff is way different then their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The evolution of their songs is thanks in part to producer Rick Rubin who was back working with them on A Thousand Suns.

The second song they did was one I wasn't very familiar with.  I very unique track off the new album called "When They Come For Me".  This is the one that really got me thinking of how good Linkin Park is live.  I really enjoyed the song which was mainly percussion with a little guitar solo at the end.  If you missed it here is a look at both of them from last night episode.