When most of us were children we wanted a puppy, or a cat or even a pony.  Not this little girl.  She has a few king cobras and she says they are her 'best friends'. 

Maybe they do things a little different in India, but if I told my mom that I wanted snakes as pets she would have just ignored the question. Now not bashing snakes as pets, but king cobras is a little extreme.

I myself have a cat and on occasion if I annoy her she'll nip at me.  Never bite though. Can't say the same for this girls cobras, who do bite, and show NO mercy.  I don't think I would want a pet that requires me to always have some sort of antidote if it bites me.

So what about her parents?  Well her dad apparently catches snakes,  so I guess he's leading by example.  A very poor example.  Sometimes I'm glad I live in America.

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