Talk about the ultimate birthday gift!

A local Delmar man and World War II veteran received a 'promotion' on his 106th birthday.  As reported by the Times Union, Robert Carlyn had a dream come true when he was unofficially promoted to Air Force colonel, and also received multiple military gifts to help celebrate.

I have to admit, I may or may not have started to tear up by the end of the Times Union article.  As they reported, the birthday celebrations started with Carlyn and guests singing patriotic songs.  Over the course of events, Robert Carlyn was also presented with a framed proclamation from Congress from Congressman Paul Tonko for his service, as well as a shadow box of his medals, ribbons, and dog tags, among other gifts and guests.  I personally would love to see every veteran treated with such honor, as you all sacrifice for our country, but I do love this story!  You can read all about it at the Times Union.