Right before the weekend, a fire broke out at BBL Construction Services right here on Kings Rd. For those of you who have come to pick up prizes at our station, you know that's the street our studio is on. I was at work Friday and sometime between 1pm and 2pm my coworkers and I started to notice black flames in the air, coming from a building nearby, not to mention the dozens of fire and police vehicles coming to the rescue. So what happened? Here's what we know...

Maria Danise, Townsquare Media
Maria Danise, Townsquare Media

Around 1pm, a fire broke out at the warehouse. There were multiple explosions that happened inside the two story building as a result of chemicals like acetylene, propane, and gasoline being housed there. Fire crews worked tirelessly into the night to put out the fire, but a huge issue they ran into was the limited water supply of this geographical location. They also had to be extremely cautious of the flammable chemicals inside, which ultimately led to the Fire Chief's claim that the building is now "a total loss" (WNYT).

We started having multiple explosions – come to find out there’s multiple flammable liquids in there. It’s a repair shop, so what we’re being told is that obviously with all the flammable liquids, we had to start using caution. - Fuller Road Fire Chief Michael Romano Jr. (WNYT)

Emergency Response Vehicles

Maria Danise, Townsquare Media
Maria Danise, Townsquare Media (Canva)

BBL Construction Up in Flames

WNYT reported that only one employee was in the building at the time of the fire, and after being medically tended to, they are expected to make a full recovery.

You can check out the full story from WNYT here:

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