Boston Firefighter FB

Back in 1995 James Plourde graduated from Colonie High School, went on to Siena College, where he graduated in 2000 and promptly moved to Boston to become a teacher. It didn't take long before 'Jim' [as his parents refer to him] became a Boston firefighter.

See, Jim's parents are 25 year vets of the Colonie Ambulance Squad and most likely have seen a few things in their day. Frankly, I'm sure Jim has as well.

Jim's mother Janet recently commented:

That is quite a picture because of the fear, action and the look on Jim's face. It is a very grim look.

Ok, so I'm not Jim's mother but I will say this:

That, in my opinion, is the look of determination, sensitivity, and hero. That is the look of a man who will turn around and go back into the carnage that he is so heroically saving a complete stranger from.

I hope that Jim along with other first responders are showered with love, admiration and high fives till the day they die. See, it's people like that Colonie man you see in the above picture who will forget about their own personal issues and do what's right- Help!