In 2013, Dan America of Latham, NY submitted a fan video to a contest where the winner would be cast in a web series starring Lauren Francesca.

The contest called for video submissions from Lauren's fans about how big of fans they were of hers. Dan America had never heard of Lauren Francesca before making this video, and was more concerned with the opportunity of being cast in the project. Dan decided to make his video absolutely ridiculous so it would stand out amongst the others. Little did he know: there was no project.

Determined to win the contest, Dan America shared his video on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Dan mentioned Lauren in a tweet referencing the contest, including a link to the video. She then sent Dan a personal message informing him that the contest and web series was not at all legit.

Curious as to what was going on, Dan America emailed the person running the contest and they responded with the confession that there was no contest, there was no web series, and this person was indeed: Ivanka Trump's Schizophrenic stalker.

This made Dan America feel disappointed, depressed, upset, and defeated. So he did what Dan America does, and made a big joke out of it.

(This video is NSFW and includes a reading of the actual email from Ivanka Trump's Stalker.)

This story kind of has a happy ending, thanks to Lauren Francesca who did not let Dan America's efforts go to waste.

What happened to Ivanka Trump's Stalker? Google it.

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