Any day this month could totally be your lucky day!

You know how awesome it is when you find an unclaimed dollar lying around well what if I told you every day this month you could find a $20 somewhere in the Capital Region? Super awesome right?!?!

One local man is back at again. I say again because according to Spectrum News this isn't the first time this man has hidden cash around the Capital Region. Apparently, it all started back in 2014 when he was hiding cash for almost a whole year after being inspired by a couple of gentlemen from Boston who were doing so around their city to encourage buying local and really just to brighten people's day.

He posts clues every day on the Find a Twenty Facebook page as to where the daily $20 is hidden which is usually next to or near a business to help promote small business shopping. So far this month $20s have been found at places such as the Spa City Farmers Market, near Leah's in Round Lake, Vinny's Garage in Troy, and a random park bench in Schenectady. If you would like to follow the clues in hopes of finding some cash you can check out the Find a Twenty Facebook page here.

Happy hunting!


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