About a month ago a monkey belonging to a Rotterdam woman broke free, she asks for your help.

11 year old Austin, Capuchin (Monkey) owned by Leona Wisely of Rotterdan has been in search of her pet for some while. She has gone to tremendous lengths to find him as well. We all at one point or another have lost an animal whether it be a dog breaking free of his collar or a sneaky cat getting out an open door. Either way, Austin is a pet to her and hasn't been home in a month.

He had escaped from his cage in Wisely's back yard and hopped the fence and she hasn't seen him since. He has been spotted though, however to no luck of finding him. He isn't aggressive in nature but more than likely is very scared. If you do happen to spot Austin please call the police to help him be returned home.

More info on him in the video and link below.