If we were naming this winter storm that is supposed to hit Upstate New York this weekend, the perfect name would be "Maybe".

Meteorologists from all over the region including our friends at The Weather Channel are having a had time nailing this storm down. This is what they seem to be sure about. We're gonna have pretty nice weather for January for the next couple of days and then something winter-like will happen for the weekend.

The concusses seems to be that it's all going to depend on your elevation. Lower elevations could get all rain, or a rain/snow mix. Higher elevations and those south and east of Albany it seems to be more snow and freezing rain.

The bottom line is that it still a little too early with this storm to really nail down snow totals and what else to expect.

We have the best Meteorologists from The Weather Channel that will keep us all updated on the storm. You can even check it on the Q1057 App.

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