Whoa, this one sure made me do a double take when I drove by it. Looks like Chick-Fil-A is eying a Troy location.

So, imagine driving home and seeing that sign. This is only a few minutes from my house. I actually am not too fond of the traffic this is going to bring but am happy a location will be coming here!

I must say the exact location seems like an odd choice to me though. This is on Route 40 in Speigletown, just 5 minutes outside of Lansingburgh. A little bit odd as there are zero retail stores. No fast food chains. No nothing within a 1-mile radius. Hell, this is a one store little tiny town. That store is a mom and pop convenience store that also doubles as a butcher.

This is what the location where the sign is, currently looks like.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I must say, I am a little apprehensive, but this is a legit professionally-made sign. So, at the moment, nothing seems to be in any other news station or newspaper about this. But I would say this sign is enough proof for me.

Troy, looks like you are getting the area's second Chick Fil A.