Looks like Louis may be doing an entire tour of surprise shows and tonight he stops in Albany.

Comedian Louis C.K. has recently began performing again after controversy surrounding his behavior and allegations of sexual misconduct. As a result his most recent performances have consisted of a series of surprise pop up performances that are announced only hours before show time.

This morning it was announced that Louis C.K. will performing tonight January 10th at the Funny Bone Albany inside Crossgates Mall at 8pm. It appears that his fans are ready to see Louis return to the stage despite the fact that the last couple of performances were met with mixed albeit mostly negative reviews because the show SOLD OUT pretty quickly.

Don't expect to see any clips of tonight's performance online the Times Union is reporting that electronic devices are prohibited and will be locked up in Yonder pouches. Which is not unusual nowadays. More and more comedians and musicians are using them to keep their shows as fresh as possible for audiences across the country. If you managed to get tickets to tonight's show let us know how it goes.

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