We are less than 100 days away from Christmas, 89 days from this writing to be exact. That's somewhere between 6 and 12 more paychecks for you to try to save some money to get gifts for the ones you love. This means it's not too early to start thinking about what to buy this year.

If you are looking for something new, different and maybe a place you have never shopped before there is a new store coming to Crossgates Mall in Albany this Fall.

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The Crossgates Mall slogan is "Eat, Shop, Play and Stay" and with 208 restaurants, stores and venues you can do that and more. The mall located at 1 Crossgates Mall Road in Guilderland, NY, has some tried and true brands such as Carhartt, Victoria's Secret, Best Buy and GAP.

Coming soon to Crossgates Mall you will be able to visit Dry Goods, Emperor Garden, Frozen Lite and Gong cha. Now, the addition of a new jewelry store has been announced just this week.

Karolyi - Townsquare Media
Karolyi - Townsquare Media

Express Jewelers, a jewelry retailer with locations across New York state, will be opening a store in Albany this fall. Express Jewelers will be located on the upper level of Crossgates Mall, across from the food court.

We are excited to add a brand such as Express Jewelers to the mix here at our center, continuing to give our guests the option of variety! - Jennifer Smith, Crossgates Marketing Director.

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Crossgates Mall in Albany Opened in 1984

This is what the Crossgates Mall looked like when it opened in 1984.

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