This is something that could be a really cool thing, but it kind of only applies to a few people.

I am all for companies doing there best to keep evolving. But in all honesty, I don't understand this one.

So a monthly subscription for a ridesharing company seems like an amazing thing. I am sure for many across the country it is, I don't know if I see the broad appeal here in the Capital Region. Heres how it works. You get 30 rides for $300. Good deal right? Sorta. If you are someone who takes public transportation to work, maybe a college student? Then yes, this is amazing. Assuming your destinations are close to where you live.

If you go over $15 worth of a ride, you pay the difference. So, either it may be cheaper to just pay every time, or you could even end up paying more depending on where you are going. I don't know, what do you think?

Check out more from the Times Union here.

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