I’m pretty sure this is the single biggest reason people actually go to air shows. It’s not so fun when you get your wish is it? This video is from an air show in Madrid Spain. Tragically a stunt plane lost control and collided with some buildings on the air field causing it to explode like a teenagers face in puberty. A pilot sustained severe injuries and reportedly died in hospital.”

Air shows are like NASCAR races. People don’t actually enjoy them when things go well. Sure there are the people who actually enjoy the events when the go well, like children and elderly people with early stages of Alzheimer's. But the truth is any respecting human being attends these types of events with the secret desire in the back of their head to whiteness something horrendous. You watch dare devil tempt death because at some point you want to be the one on the ground saying “I knew he wasn’t going to make it, what a dummy”.

It’s tragic that someone lost their life in this video. But what a crazy spectacle this footage is. I may have been desensitized from watching Michael bay films but this is so crazy it almost looks fake to me. if i have learned anything from this video it is not to fly my stunt plain in Spain.

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