It's that time of year to start watching horror movies (though to me it's always that time of year), so why not make some serious cash while doing it.

By serious cash, I mean you can make $1300 just by watching 13 horror movies by Halloween.  I caught wind of this from a post by CBS 6 Albany, and as a horror movie fanatic obviously had to share the opportunity with you.

According to CBS 6 Albany, one company,, is going to pay a lucky winner $1300 to watch 13 Stephen King movies by Halloween.  If you're chosen, you'll get access to the list of movies (Ranging from 'Carrie' to 'Thinner'), plus some cool Stephen King goodies, on top of the cash.

It seems like there's some sort of research going on, because if you are the lucky viewer, you're also getting a complimentary FitBit so things like heart rate and sleep patterns can get tracked.  You've got until October 15th to apply, and you can do that and get more info here.


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