Eagles of Death Metal vocalist Jesse Hughes has been ordered to stay 100 yards from a man and his daughter after the guy in question filed for a restraining order, claiming that the singer made a death threat against him and also tried to place a curse on him.

According to TMZ, Hughes' former friend Andrew Julian Vega sought protection from the singer after they allegedly bickered over a woman. In the documents filed, Vega stated that Hughes threatened to shoot him and blow his lungs through his back.

In addition, Vega claims that a voodoo doll was glued to his gate, stabbed with a knife and there was a message written in red paint that stated, "Andy is next." A photo of the voodoo doll and the message can be seen via the post on TMZ.

Eagles of Death Metal are currently on a break from touring, but will head out on a monthlong trek in mid-April. See all of their dates here.

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