If you were driving home from work ready for the weekend last night, you may have seen a little bit of police presence on I-90. Here is why.

Yesterday evening right around 6 p.m. a man was exiting I-90 at exit 5, Everett Road. He then crashed his motorcycle on the off-ramp from the highway. This accident left the 40-year-old male in very serious condition. At the moment he is admitted to Albany Medical Center in critical condition.

I have always been nervous on the roadway around a bike, I always have been interested in learning to ride a motorcycle too. However, for me, a simple crash in a car at 30 mph could certainly injure you. But on a bike, you could die. There are no safety precautions on motorcycles. This crash is proof.

Albany Police have said they believe the motorcycle accident that took place yesterday was a result of speed.