This is day one stuff. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to perform an exorcism on grandma! Total JV move by David Benes of Florida. I don’t care how possessed by the devil you think this old bag of bones is, she is your elder and you respect that, demons and all.

According Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Benes and his 80-year-old sweetheart we’re in their home outside Tampa Florida when he decided that she was possessed by the devil. And in order to get the devil out of her he forcefully held the bag of bones he calls “honey” and tried to exercise her till her soul was set free. There were several attempts of an exorcism but the girlfriend called 911 and reported him. Benes is now facing criminal charges for physically restraining his grandma/girlfriend against her will.

PS: what’s the over under that this dudes is Amanda Bynes’ father and she just changed the spelling? It would connect a lot of dots.