Ah, Holiday travel. The packed airports with crying children, inconsiderate people, long lines at security, and of course - the baggage fees. How my ticket purchase does not allow me at least one checked item for free amazes me.

How do you solve this problem? You can be like one man who turned up at a China airport wearing 70 items of clothing.

Upon checking in, the man was told his bag was "overweight." So to avoid the extra fee, the man opened his luggage and started to put on several items. This included more then 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans.

I'm sure everyone had a good laugh while watching this and the after effect of the man walking through the airport. That was until he got to security where he had to have a full body search done after setting off the metal detector every time passing through.

In the pockets of the nine pairs of jeans were batteries, thumb drives, and chargers for various devices. All of which had to be removed on top of the clothing.

All worth it to save a buck?

No word if the guy made his flight or not.

I'd hate to be the person sitter next to this guy on the plane as he was described as looking like a sumo wrestler.