Like literally, manholes opened up on Friday due to an underground explosion.

In the area of Henry Johnson Boulevard around midnight on Thursday, a fire had broken out beneath the ground which caused an explosion. According to CBS 6 this explosion caused a couple of manhole covers to open up. Many residents heard the explosion that caused some concern. It awoke them and sounded like a car crash one witness explained.

"I was dead asleep and then all of a sudden I heard this huge bang! And it sounded like a car crash at first, and I didn't think anything of it, I just got up and looked out the window. And then there was another huge bang," Kieran Murphy recalled. - CBS 6

I would have freaked out. Many did. From what I heard on my way home listening to our traffic reporter, it seemed the issue carried on throughout the day. Henry Johnson Boulevard was closed yesterday afternoon too.

Read more on the scary incident from CBS 6 here.


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