Yesterday the New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins 6-4, but more importantly it gave closer Mariano Rivera his 602nd career save, making him #1 all time.


It has been a historical year for the New York Yankees.  We have already seen Derek Jeter reacha  career milestone, and yesterday Mariano Rivera does the same.  He records his 602nd save which makes him number 1 all time.  He surpasses Trevor Hoffman who sat atop the list with 601.

For 15 years the Yankees and their fans have been able to depend on Mo in clutch moments.  Throughout the regular season and post season Mariano has been consistent, and that was evident yesterday when he became the best in his position.  Though arguably, he already was.

Always modest, he didn't even want to stay on the mound but his teammates forced him out there to soak in the love from the adoring fans.  Even the Minnesota Twins stayed on the field to recognize his amazing accomplishment.  It's safe to say that he will own that spot forever, or for at least a very long time since no one is close to catching his numbers.

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera, it has been one of my greatest pleasures watching you do what you do best.