If you log on to the New York Yankees website it's been taken over by James Hetfield and he assures everyone that the tune that has become so well known to Yankee fans will be played at the 'Big Four' show at Yankee Stadium.


I don't know if their has ever been a better marriage between heavy metal music and sports than Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees and Metallica's "Enter Sandman".  Every time Mo enters the game to close things up for the Yankees the tune rings through Yankee Stadium and the place goes crazy.

Last season I had the pleasure of sitting right behind the Yankee bullpen and got to see Mo step out that door as the song started to play.  Not going to lie, I got some chills.  The greatest closer in baseball and arguably the greatest heavy metal band of all time paired up to kick ass.  James From Metallica has assured everyone that they will definitely be playing the song at the September 14 'Big Four' concert at baseballs most hallowed ground.  In a video on the Yankee website James had this to say:

Hold on, Mo. Hey, Yankee fans. This is James here from Metallica. And we know that 'Enter Sandman' over the last decade has been played here in the Bronx because of #42. Now is your chance to hear it live, here, in your house!

So there you have Yankee fans.  Metallica will be tearing up Yankee Stadium come September 14, and I'm sure you are going to want to be there for it!  Tickets are on sale now and you can get them here.  Who knows, maybe Mo will even make a special appearance.  Doubtful though since the Yankees will be in Seattle, but you never know.  The only thing better than Mo showing up is the fact that Metallica will be playing that song and you know there will be plenty of Red Sox fans there as their favorite band pays homage to the closer that has plagued them for so long.  Now that is rewarding!