Looks like criminal penalties for smoking the sticky icky might become a thing of the past in New York state.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

According to UpstateNewYork.com Gov. Cuomo has issued a proposal to decriminalize marijuana in New York State. Mind you, I didn't say legalize marijuana I said decriminalize. However, I do feel like this might be step towards eventually legalizing it in the state in the future.

So under the proposal Cuomo wants state lawmakers to remove criminal penalties for those who buy and use marijuana saying:

Recreational users of marijuana pose little to no threat to public safety. The unnecessary arrest of these individuals can have devastating economic and social effects on their lives.

However, he does still think that people who sell marijuana should suffer harsh criminal penalties. So it's kind of like a double edged sword. So it would be okay to spark up a doobie and get baked at a party but if you're supplying said doobie you're still looking at jail time.

So what do you think? Should NY decriminalize pot? ... **Bonus points if you caught my music and movie quotes in this one.

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