Marilyn Manson’s long-awaited 10th studio album will no longer be called SAY10. In a new interview, Manson revealed he has completed the record and it will now be called Heaven Upside Down.

Right before the 2016 election, Marilyn Manson revealed a teaser for his next album, depicting a scene where a decapitated Trump-like figure is laying in a pool of blood. Lyrics to the track include, “You say God and I say SAY10,” further cementing the original name of Manson’s latest album. However, it looks like “SAY10” may end up as just a track title in favor of Heaven Upside Down.

While walking the carpet at the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword premiere, Manson spoke to FabulousTV. “I just finished my new album, going on tour in July. The record’s called Heaven Upside Down,” the Antichrist Superstar confessed. He also responded to a question about the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards’ new gender-neutral award. “I don’t think MTV’s opinion matters for s—t, sorry,” said Manson. “It’s just not the cultural music thing it used to be. It kind of died with The Real World.”

In a separate interview, Manson spoke about his unlikely friendship with King Arthur star Charlie Hunnam. “We’re strangely like brothers,” Manson told ET. “I don’t have a lot of close men friends at my ’round table’ so to speak. I don’t even have a table. But Charlie and I always cook food for each other.”

Will fans be getting a taste of Manson’s new record when he’s on tour this summer? could it even see a worldwide release before July? We’ll make sure to keep your posted!

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