flickr user - daysofthunder46
flickr user - daysofthunder46

This Peacock is pulling up the tights to represent Q103 and share a ring with Former WWE stars John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Colt Cabana. And you can check out the action for FREE!Saturday April 20th is 2CW first ever FREE Internet Pay Per View. Which when you think about it shouldn’t it be called a “Free Per View”?

The event gets underway at 8pm at the Watertown Fairgrounds Arena in Watertown, NY. But you can stream the entire show live on your computer for FREE. I’m not saying you have to watch me wrestle, but I am saying if you don’t we most likely will be pretty awkward between us if you don’t.

Also I’ll be wrestling a stones throw away from the Albany NY area Friday April 19th in Rome NY for 2CW. Well, it’s a stones throw if you’re like a super mutated bionic version of Joe Namath. Either way its one of the closest places I have wrestled to Q103 air waves.

So come see John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Colt Cabana, Sami Callihan, Spike Dudley, Kevin Steen, Colin Delaney and more. Also I’ll be there drop kicking suckers in their face while wearing all sorts of glitz and glam.