Mayor Jennings has asked bars to consider closing at 2AM instead of at 4AM in an effort “improve our city” – whatever that means. I can tell you from experience that this is a poor idea for many reasons.


I grew up here and moved to Arizona some time ago for several years and I was shocked at the amount of binge drinking that happened at the bars. I was also shocked that last call was 1AM there which was a major contributor to binge drinking. It made no sense to cut off the bars at 1AM on any level except to keep puritanical thinkers appeased.

I’m not a bar person anymore although at one time I was part of that crowd and most people head home when they get tired or have had enough. A bar being open to 4A doesn’t mean the patrons are committing crimes on their way home either.

Here’s another issue I have with this idea – it is an obstacle for businesses to be successful and it reduces competition. Everyone bar hops and that helps more bars stay in business, which in turn helps keep people employed. Closing earlier not only cuts into profits but makes people stay in one place and binge. Elected leaders are supposed to help the economy not hurt it – Mayor Jennings should consider this before he keeps pushing this idea. He should also consider that it’s 2011 and these restrictive ideas on when we can or can’t purchase alcohol are archaic and unnecessary. Las Vegas (serving 24 hours a day) hasn’t fallen into a pit of hell and neither will we.

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