Did you watch the Yankees or Mets in the late '80s and throughout the '90s? You have certainly seen this man pitch.Dwight Gooden, or as many affectionately called him "Doc" will be coming to the Capital Region in February.

Dwight Gooden is a prime example in my opinion why the current Hall of Fame induction system is broken for baseball. He will never get in now because in one year he garnered little votes. Sure many could argue whether he is or isn't worthy but still.

Lets get into his accomplishments during his career between 1984-2000. First off, he has a few World Series rings. One with the '86 Mets and the '96 Yankees. He also was a Rookie of The Year winner with the Mets in 1984 & a Cy Young Award winner with them the following year. Another famous moment of his career is when he pitched a no-no while in pinstripes in 1996 against the Seattle Mariners. A team with a young Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. in the lineup.

Doc Gooden is certainly a legend among New York sports fans and you can meet him at Heroes Hideout in Colonie Center on February 17th from 1p-3p. An autograph and picture with Doc will cost $40.

More info from Heroes Hideout here.

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