After years of being nominated but never winning, Megadeth finally broke through at the Grammy Awards in 2017 as Dystopia won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance. Now that he's won Grammy gold, Dave Mustaine is hoping that there will eventually be more opportunity not only for himself, but also his metal peers.

Speaking to San Francisco's 107.7 The Bone (as heard in the player below), Mustaine stated it's his desire for a second Metal category to be added to the Grammy field. "I joined the Grammy chapter out in Nashville to address that exact thing," Mustaine said. "I joined the Grammy chapter because we have one metal category and I think they've got a dozen polka categories. I stopped going to the Grammys because you'd have to sit through, like, 30 Latin jazz records, and then you'd have to sit through another 30 jazz Latin records. And it's, like, 'What?' So a couple of years ago, the guy that produced our record Th1rt3en, Johnny K, and a couple of other guys at the Grammys tried to get another [heavy metal] category, and they were so close, but it failed."

Even though they were denied once, Mustaine isn't giving up on the idea. "I called them up and I said, 'We're doing this.' So 2020, we're fighting — we're getting all of the metal labels that we know, we're trying to get them all together to petition the Grammys to give us another metal category," said the singer/guitarist.

Mustaine adds, "My record was one of the Top 25 records of the year worldwide for Universal. Don't tell me that we don't deserve another category."

Megadeth didn't have music eligible for a Grammy in the past year, but that could change in 2019 as the group is working on their next album and is expected to tour in support of it next year.

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