Today, longtime metal quartet Megadeth are releasing their fourteenth studio album, 'Super Collider.' The anticipation level for this album has been very high and it seems as though it will deliver. So far, the title track has been named as the first single and you can hear it and other samples after the jump. 

Super Collider track listing:

01. Kingmaker
02. Super Collider
03. Burn!
04. Built For War
05. Off The Edge
06. Dance In The Rain
07. Beginning Of Sorrow
08. The Blackest Crow
09. Forget To Remember
10. Don't Turn Your Back…
11. Cold Sweat

The newest stream is "Forget To Remember," which focuses on Alzheimer's Disease- the no. 6 cause of death in America. Front man Dave Mustaine's mother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with the destructive disease, with which he comments "our world is now upside-down. I did what I do best when I have something to say; I sing about it."

To hear "Built For War" and "The Blackest Crow," go here.

Below is the album;s title track, "Super Collider"

What do you think of the samples? Are you going to get the album?

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