I fell in love with rockers Wage War after seeing them on the Monster Energy stage this summer at Warped Tour 2016.  A metalcore band from Florida, this band originally formed in 2010 before going through transitions (that included a change in  band name), and ultimately signing with Fearless Records in 2015.  Honestly, I hadn't heard of Wage War prior to this summer.  At a Warped Tour stop at Jones Beach, I followed the sound of unbelievably powerful dual vocals among heavy undertones to the stage, and found myself in the crowd staring at a band unknown to me.  "Who is this?" I asked a showgoer after immediately getting hooked, and was responded with a simple "Wage War."

Since the summer, Wage War have worked to promote their album 'Blueprints,' and are currently on tour with bands I Prevail and Islander.  For those who don't know, drummer Arin Ilejay of the band Islander formerly drummed for Avenged Sevenfold from 2011-2015.

However, Wage War have most recently gained internet notoriety for guitarist Seth Blake's protest for guacamole.  In a tension and protest-riddled New York City last weekend, Seth walked out into the streets after eating Chipotle in midtown Manhattan holding a cardboard sign stating "Why Is Guac Extra?"  The photo, available at his instagram handle @SethWageWar , shows a somber looking Seth staring off, with other bystanders scattering the background.  Since then, Chipotle joined in on the pun and gave the band some cards good for free burritos (was the guac free?).  Wage War as a band also kept the joke going by creating a band t-shirt with the slogan "Why Is Guac Extra?", currently on sale now at their website store.wagewarband.com

The T-shirts are actually part of a competition they started, and purchasing a shirt prior to Sunday night (tomorrow) enters you for a chance to win a free burrito.

Now this is definitely a protest I can get behind!

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