Metallica fans may be getting close to securing an official holiday for bass legend Cliff Burton. A petition to proclaim the bassist’s birthday (February 10) Cliff Burton Day in Castro Valley, Calif. has almost reached its goal.

Cliff Burton died at age 24 when Metallica suffered a bus accident ion 1986 while touring in Sweden. Having laid down some of the meanest bass lines in rock and metal history, Burton’s swan song was the iconic Master of Puppets album.

Beyond the petition, which only needs about 200 more votes (at press time) to reach its 2,500 goal, the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council recently voted 7-0 in favor of creating a Cliff Burton Day. The unanimous vote is just one piece of the puzzle, forwarding the proposal onto the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. According to ABC News, the board’s meeting about the resolution will take place on Feb. 6.

"He always came prepared to his lesson. Terrific student that way. Especially for somebody that young," says Burton’s former bass teacher Steve Doherty. “When people say, 'Oh gosh, you taught Cliff Burton,’ it's always with mixed emotions for me because he had such a short life.”

Head over to if you want to help the petition for Cliff Burton Day reach its goal!

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