Like a fine wine, Metallica's music grows more beautifully and popular with age.  Master of Puppets, released in 1986, turned 25 years old yesterday and it's more popular than ever.

The release of Master of Puppets almost marked a sign of a Metallica revolution.  The band played thrashy (yes, I'm entitled to making my own words) and noisy before Master of Puppets, that album seemed to be the point where they were tying everything together, adding it up, and realizing what was a good sound for them.

Success is obtained through blood, sweat, and tears and this album was no different.  The tears were had as Master of Puppets was the final album recorded with original Metallica bassist, Cliff Burton, who had died in a bus accident in September of 1986.  Metallica "turned the page" with their following album and new bassist, Jason Newsted, creating an entire new Metallica sound- ready to sell out arenas for decades to come.

A lot of people consider Master of Puppets to be the last great metal album of the '80s which I probably wouldn't deny.  Nirvana's Bleach came out only a year after Master of Puppets, so rock was evolving.

Don't forget Mandatory Metallica tonight at 10pm!  We'll celebrate the right way!

Photo By: Valerie Macon, Getty Images Entertainment

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