As we all know, in the week following the Super Bowl, the majority of the discussion is not about the game itself, but about the commercials that aired. Now, there's no point in talking about the ads that aired nationally, because everyone saw them. But not everyone saw the smaller, local-only ads that aired around the country.

In the Washington, D.C. area, a couple of commercials aired for a plumber, Michael and Son. The folks at Michael and Son decided to go with a boxing theme to their commercials, but with a pair of very special guests. Instead of just hiring actors to portray the people in the ring, Michael and Son somehow managed to get former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson and his son, Amir.

In the commercials, which you can see below, Amir plays a boxer who is taking a beating in the ring. Then, papa Mike, dressed as a plumber, steps into the ring to help out his son by knocking out his opponent. And in another spot, Tyson even sings the jingle for the company! You can check out both videos below.

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