Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were overseas doing press for their new movie Friends With Benefits when one Russian reporter crossed the line, and Mila put her right in her place. It was quite the moment when Mila Kunis tore into a Russian reporter.  Most don't know this, but Kunis speaks fluent Russian and when this reporter asked her friend and costar Justin Timberlake why he was wasting his time with movies, Kunis took offense and rushed in to his aid.  She may be small, but she's definitely not afraid to speak her mind.

I like how Timberlake just kind of sits there and lets Mila tear right into her. I think he probably gets sick of hearing the question too, and I bet that reporter won't be asking it again. It's pretty awesome that Kunis did that.  Though I wonder how many times that question has been asked.  She was probably hearing it, and so is Timberlake.

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