The first of a few increases on the way to $15 an hour is now in effect!

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Minimum wage will eventually be $15 dollars an hour in New York State. However it is going to take a few increases and quite honestly a few years before we get to that point here in the Capital Region. That being said the first step to getting there went into effect over the weekend.

According to the TU the new rates differ by region and are as follows:

The state's minimum wage — formerly $9 outside of New York City — is now $9.70 upstate; $10 on Long Island and in Westchester County; and $11 in New York City — or $10.50 for businesses with fewer than 11 employees.

New York City workers will be the first to hit the $15 an hour bench mark which is supposed to happen by 2018 for large employers and 2019 for small businesses. Followed by Long Island and Westchester County which should be earning $15 an hour by 2021.

It's a bit of a different story for us Upstate New Yorker's though. At the end of 2020 Upstate New York is scheduled to top out at only $12.50 and any future increases will:

Depend upon approval of the state Budget Director, who will make a determination based on economic trends.

So while it may not seem like much every little bit helps right? I'm curious to see how the wage increases are going to impact our day to day spending. In my travels to cities that have already started paying their workers $15 an hour I've noticed some extra "taxes" on my receipts. Specifically in the restaurant industry where essentially they are charging the consumers for the pay increase. When you see random charges like that on you bill it really makes you rethink tipping culture in this country.

Will you be tipping as wages increase? With or without additional charges on your bill?