Have you ever had a friend or family member go missing? At first you think they will pop up at any moment. Then you start to get worried that something is wrong. As time passes panic can begin to set in and you start reaching out for help locating your loved one.

In this case we have 2 New York State residents that have been reported missing and the New York State Police are asking for your help to find them. Take a look at the pictures below. Do they look familiar? Do you live in or near Perth, NY or Nineveh, NY? Recognize the haircut, tattoos, any help would be appreciated.

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State Troopers are asking anyone that knows Christian or have seen him to call 518-630-1700. Yager is a 5'10", 180lb, 52-year-old male from Perth, NY. He was last seen Tuesday February 7th at 7am. Yager was traveling west on State Highway 29 in Mayfield, NY.
    • 2014 Buick Encore
    • Plate # FTZ 2574
    • Brown hair
    • Brown eyes
    • Buddah tattoo on the inside right forearm.
Judy A. Benjamin - Nineveh, NY
New York State Troopers are also asking for your help  locating 21-year-old, Judy A. Benjamin of Nineveh, NY. Benjamin was last seen at her residence on Thorn Hill Road in Nineveh on Sunday February 5, 2023. Anyone with information is asked to contact New York State Police at 607-561-7400.
    • Green sweatshirt and sweatpants
    • 5’4”
    • Approximately 100 pounds
    • Brown hair
    • Green eyes

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