Bet you've never heard Nine Inch Nails sound like this.

In what I will argue is the best new "Halloween"-themed mash (sorry, Monster Mash), Nine Inch Nails and the Ghostbusters meet head-on in a collision of greatness.

I stumbled across a YouTube link with an intriguing headline, and clearly had to click it.  Titled "Nine Inch Nails- but It's Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.", I obviously had to listen.  I mean, who doesn't love the Ghostbusters theme song and who doesn't love Nine Inch Nails.  Let me tell you, I am SO glad I clicked the link.

Normally, I do a blog about my top Halloween rock songs, including artists like The Doors, Rob Zombie, and Alice Cooper.  But frankly, this is the song I want you to hear this year for Halloween.  Check it out here!

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