Yesterday, Hudson Valley Community College graduated its largest class in the history of the school with 2,325 students walking the stage.  One of those fine young  - errr - old graduates was yours truly. 

Many years ago I went to school for Broadcasting, and as you can see (or hear), it worked out well for me.  I get to play some bad ass tunes for you every weekend here on the Q.   Monte still works a day job, the ol' 9-5'er just like you.  I wanted to fatten up the wallet and figured I'd better broaden the few skills I had.  With help of the little lady, I enrolled at HVCC.

Returning to school was rough, believe me.  Remember the days when we didn't have Internet?  Monte learned how to type on a TYPEWRITER.  True story.  None the less, I entered into the Forensic Science program.  If you have seen the TV Shows such as NCIS or CSI, you're in the ball park of knowing what I'd love to do.  I'm no Einstein, but held my own in the likes of Organic Chemistry, Calculus-Based Physics and Forensic Science Lab.  Monte walked with a 3.3 GPA - not too shabby.

The best thing about our website here at the Q is that not only do we give you the inside scoop on all of the latest music news, but we bring you behind the scenes.  We show you what life is like inside that radio, your phone or in my case, your Walkman.  Figured I'd keep it up by giving you a glimpse of what Monte does when he's not on the mic.  Big congratulations to all graduates of 2012!

Fess up - you still have a Walkman don't you?  I can't be the only one.

Monte Q103