As a Detroit Lion fan, I have never had a dog in the fight when it comes to the Super Bowl.  None the less, I enjoy every Super Bowl party that I attend.  This year, at the annual Valle shin dig, Monte and his friends will still have plenty of entertainment watching the most anticipated commercials of the year.  Today, I share with you some of my favorite Super Bowl Commercials of all-time!

Without a doubt, I know that when you were a kid, you would say this, "Off the black top, hit the street light, to the back board, nothing but net."  I did, anyway.   1993 McDonald's commercial with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Hands down, my favorite.

How do I get a magic fridge?!? Bud Light 2006

All I can do is laugh at this commercial - hands of my momma! Doritos 2010

Carolloa Badgers- this would totally happen to me.  Super Bowl XLII.

Megan Fox in a bathtub last year.  Got me?  ....Got me?

Now we go pure classic, you can't top Cindy Crawford.  Ever.  Back to '92.

Last, you can never go with with the orignal Mean Joe! Have a Coke and a smile.

What do you think? Did I miss any of your favorites?  Darcy from out sister station found the original Bud Bowl Commercial!  Or how about Scotty and his favorite with Jackie Moon: Suck One!  Feel free to paste some of your favorites!

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