I understand there are a lot of minor things that can cause a restaurant to fail an inspection but man. Some big name restaurants are on here.

Now I in no way want to bash any of these restaurants as I have been to many of them and have even had my mind blown by the quality of their grub. Kays Pizza for instance. Its on the list but in no way will I never go their again. Other notable ones like Chrissy's Cravings make the list but will get my business for years to come.

The fact of the matter, according to the Times Union there are critical violations and non-critical violations. Most of the eateries had very few critical ones. Here are the ones listed by the Times Union,

  • Yummy Yummy
  • Redwood Diner
  • Center Stage Deli
  • Ruggerios Deli
  • Chrissy's Cravings
  • Schag-A-Val
  • Fritz Tap Room
  • Kay's Pizza
  • High Bridge Pizza
  • 5th and 50 Pizzeria
  • Towne Bowling Acadamy
  • Valente's Restaurant
  • DeMarco's Route 5 Pizza
  • Bombers: Schenectady
  • Christian Brothers Acadamy
  • McDonalds: State Street in Niskayuna
  • Tara Kitchen
  • Poppys Ice Cream
  • China King
  • China Dragon
  • Prima Pizzeria
  • Best Cook
  • Oneida Middle School
  • Union College
  • Boulevard Bowl
  • Cornells Restaurant
  • Prime @ 81

27 in total, feel free to click the link below to find out why some of these restaurants failed.