Just when you think things can't get any worse for Lindsay Lohan she is now a suspect in a jewelry theft.


According to RadarOnline cops have asked a Los Angeles county judge for a warrant to search Lohan's Venice beach home regarding some stolen jewelry.  Apparently there is video footage of her wearing to reported stolen jewels.  They could be worth up to $5,000.  If this is true Lohan will be charged with a felony.

This comes at a really bad time for being that she is still on probation after allegations of Lohan assaulting a former employee of the Betty Ford Clinic.  That case alone could land he back in court, now this next one could really get her in trouble.  There are reports right now that Lohan could have been lent the jewelry that she was seen wearing in the footage by a designer and it is just a pure coincidence.  lets hope so, because I don't think Lindsay can handle any more drama.  Besides that, I don't think Producer Joe can just pack up and  head back out to cheer her on as she heads back into court.