Well this new film shoot in the Capital Region just got a whole lot more interesting ....

So last week we told you about how there were going to be some traffic closures going on due to the filming of yet another film here in the Capital Region but little details were known about the film at the time.

Peter Brooks

Well since then filming has expanded to Troy and Albany. While the film was shooting Tuesday afternoon at the Police Station at Madison and Western in Albany my spies tried hard to get the scoop from the crew onsite but everyone on set remained pretty tight lipped. However, they did say it was something about a Colorado show or movie.

Peter Brooks

Which leads me to believe that the investigative reporters over at the TU have hit the nail on the head when they reported that the film might be a project called "Shoplifters of the World" that is being produced by and will star Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike, married to Sofia Vergara). According to a website for the project ,that is no longer functioning, the film revolves around English rocker's The Smiths, or at least their breakup.

1987. Denver, Co. One crazy night in the life of four friends reeling from the demise of iconic British band The Smiths, while the local airwaves are hijacked by an impassioned Smiths fan with a gun."

Word on the streets is that Morrissey himself has even signed off on the project which is surprising on so many levels because he is, well, Morrissey.

Rhino Records

Apparently Joe Manganiello will be playing a Radio Station DJ in the movie. Joe if you are reading this and need any pointers or an authentic extra for you station shoots hit me up. I'll make myself available. Or you know you could stop by or give us a call and fill us in on all the details of the film. Like, how soon will we actually be able to see it?!?

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If you would like to dig deeper into the mystery and learn more about the film and the shoot including road closures (which will be going on through the 8th btw) you can click here.