Remember MySpace?  Before we had mega social media hits Facebook and Twitter, we all used this thing called MySpace.  It was HUGE.  Now, today, with roughly one billion less users than Facebook, some of us have never even heard of the page.  Enter music mogul Justin Timberlake.  JT is dusting off the ghost town and revamping the old hit. 

Once upon a time, MySpace was the place to go for social networking.  Posting on your friend's wall and having "profile photos" was a brand new concept.  The site grew in popularity so quickly that in just two years after creators launched the site, Tom Anderson and company sold the site for $580 million dollars.  However, the rise of rival site, Facebook, pretty much put an end to MySpace.  What was hot in '04 was worth a fraction of it's value last year.  MySpace was re-sold for just $35 million dollars.  The new Owner?  Justin Timberlake.

Timerblake and a few investors purchased MySpace in 2011 and has plans of focusing the site around music;  a connection with artist to fan.   Unsigned and well known bands could be popping up on the page.  There are plans to have a play list, schedules and a great deal of new features that the old version lacked.

Reports state that there are currently 54 million users to Facebook's billion.  That's a steep hole to climb out of but what if we saw some of the artists we play on Q start to use their MySpace page more frequently?  What if Avenged Sevenfold or AC/DC post videos and new tunes up on MySpace rather than their Twitter or Facebook accounts?  Do you think this will steer us back to MySpace as I'm sure Timberlake is planning?

Check out the sneak peak of the site on Timberlake's Twitter account.  Maybe it' bad sign that he has to promote MySpace on it's competition eh?









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